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Bjørn Frogner resigns as CEO

Bjørn Frogner leaves the position as CEO of Infratek ASA.

Frogner resigns as CEO from 25 October. The Board has decided to constitute Lars Bangen in the position until further notice. He is currently the Executive Vice President for Local Infrastructure in Infratek. The Board will immediately begin the search for a new CEO.

Since 2001, Bjørn Frogner has been engaged in the work of establishing the Group, and has served as CEO since Infratek was demerged from Hafslund and listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in 2007.

“I’ve had a wonderful time in the company and I have appreciated good cooperation with many talented colleagues,” Bjørn Frogner says.

“The Board would like to express a big thank you to Bjorn Frogner for his important contribution to Infratek. He was central in the establishment of the Infratek Group with the demerger from Hafslund and the IPO in 2007. He also established Infratek as a Nordic player through the acquisition of Fortum’s Contracting Entities in Sweden and Finland in 2009, and developed Infratek from the public sector to a commercial company in a new market within critical infrastructure in the Nordic countries,” board chair Mimi Berdal says.

Infratek ASA

25 October 2013

For more information, please contact:

Mimi Berdal, board chair     tel. + 47 908 92 442

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